Montag, Oktober 23, 2006

Stocking problem solved

I had an errand at The Needlepoint Joint this morning,

so I took the errant Christmas stockings along. When I explained my yarn matching problem to Eileen (center) and asked if I might see the Manos color card, she told me my stockings were not Manos. "Manos is heavier. I think this is a Green Mountain Spinnery yarn called Double Twist. Too bad it's been discontinued."

It made sense. I had used a Green Mountain pattern, and nine years ago when I knitted these stockings I wouldn't have dared substitute another brand of yarn. Eileen pulled out the old Double Twist color card. There were my colors, Cardinal and Blue Spruce, in the exact texture my efforts with Lamb's Pride couldn't duplicate.

Eileen phoned to see if they still had some of the yarn left that I could order. They did, and furthermore it was on sale! They aren't wholesaling the yarn any more, so I had to call them directly. I now have six skeins each of Cardinal and Blue Spruce Double Twist on order, which should be enough to knit stockings for Conrad, Nicole, Nica and Conrad's incipient child, and any reasonable number of future offspring this family might produce.

I've decided Eileen is a genius.

Since Green Mountain is in Vermont, the Christmas stockings are on hold until at least the end of the week. Nothing else has a deadline coming up any time soon, so I think I'll take a book break.

This was my all-time favorite young adult novel (assuming that Tolkien was writing either for children or adults). It combines history, mystery, and a quality of romance that doesn't require the delicate to skip any scenes. There is a romantic, snowy Christmas bit, which is why it works to invoke that season at any time of year. Because of this book I was convinced as a child that the folk song "Barbara Allen" was part of the Christmas repertoire.

What will happen to all the Lamb's Pride I've bought (and ordered!) with the Christmas stockings in mind? I wonder if any grandkids want elf mittens???

Note: Don't miss yesterday's gumbo event!

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Eileen is a genius. And we love her. :>)


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