Sonntag, Oktober 22, 2006

Spinning in Public

I totally missed Spinning in Public Week, but I got a chance to make up for it last night. I was in charge of music for a casual church activity, and in between looking for my french horn players and finding a spot to squeeze in a very talented 6-year-old pianist I had time to make a mess of the singles I spun at Retreat,

do some pre-drafting on the rest of my exchange roving, and spin a little of it.

The consciousness-raising I did was more valuable than the spinning. The wool needed a lot more pre-drafting, but I had to start spinning because people were demanding action. Only one person thought I was working at my loom. I had to wind off the singles without a ball-winder because I only got this idea at the last possible minute as I was going out the door and didn't have time to run to the basement for another bobbin. The quilt in the corner of the picture was my wedding gift from Grandma Asay.

The musicians came through big time. Surprisingly, the most polished act was this family group--look at the 10-year-old on stand-up bass and the 12-year-old practically hidden behind his drum set:

When we got home we watched Dr. Who on TiVo (I Heart My TiVo) and I got Paul's Trekking sock almost to the heel turn.

Zitron Trekking Farbe 90

This sock is taking forever. It had three false starts as I struggled to get the right size needles and the right stitch count. It turned out to be 90 stitches on #0 needles. Now I'm a little worried about having done it toe up because Paul has incredibly high arches. I'm not sure doing the heel over more stitches will give him enough room. I have An Idea, though.

Frost on the lawn and winding skeins for Christmas stockings puts me in the mood for more Christmas music (of course). As you can tell, I have a penchant for the cathedral sound. Add to this my fondness for new music (AKA dissonant), and you get this CD:

It's the King's College Cambridge Choir, singing 22 carols commissioned especially for the choir over the past twenty some-odd years. You might recognize What Sweeter Music by John Rutter; the rest are, well, pretty far out. According to the liner notes, after one of these pieces was aired on BBC radio a caller suggested that the person responsible for choosing the new carol be shut up in a dark room. My kind of music exactly, heh heh.

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Sheri at The Loopy Ewe hat gesagt…

Just had a fun time reading through your blog. :-) I love Christmas music - may have to invest in the King's College Cambridge Choir. Also - I played the harp growing up and I see you do, too. I don't play it any more. No time to keep up the callouses. Now it just looks pretty in our entryway.

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