Samstag, Oktober 28, 2006

Some knitting

Cookie A.'s Pomatomus sock is so hypnotic. The design looks like waves from Hokusai. It's mostly 1x1 ribbing, but with a single decrease and a single yarn over moving through each repeat with sinuous grace, crossing and recrossing like the DNA helix.

I looked through my Barbara Walker books, and I believe this is the Waves pattern. I occasionally get these fits where I have to listen to the same music* over and over again for several hours until I have had enough of it. I may have to knit a wrap in this pattern to get it out of my system.

* Three Hypnotic Pieces

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow/It's a Wonderful World performed by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole on Facing Future

  • O Magnum Mysterium by Morton Lauridsen; Robert Shaw's Angels On High

  • Arvo Part's Tabula Rasa: Silentium

  • I'm keeping things short for a few days. Not only is my internet service only useable in good weather, but my wireless router has died. Right now I'm sitting behind the TV in my bedroom with a laptop on a cardboard box. It (the laptop, not the cardboard box) is hooked up directly to the cable modem. The Safari browser on laptop does not display all the helpful Blogger tools such as "insert link" so I am having to type all those href= doo-dads myself. I am not happy.

    The new router should show up along with the cable guy on Halloween. Hmmm. Should I be afraid? Should I be Very Afraid?

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