Montag, Oktober 16, 2006

Sock Yarn Stash

For about one minute I thought about pulling out my whole sock yarn stash in honor of Soctoberfest and posing it for a huge group shot. Like I said, for about one minute, the amount of time it took me to get downstairs and be reminded that my wool room still lacks space for a huge group shot of anything except clutter.

Instead I settled for photographing the hoard (or maybe horde, since it seems to migrate, leaving distruction in its wake) in its natural habitat.

Down the left is most of the STR collection. Top right is a skein of Schaefer Anne in Caramel Twist. Below it is a basket of Mountain Colors Bearfoot, with a few other things thrown on. It's actually the top of a cute 3-tier basket that used to reside in my kitchen. My daughter told me for several years that it was Wrong to have Yarn in the Kitchen. I ignored her. It took only a few weeks of having my granddaughter, Emerald, living here to convince me that it was Dangerous to have Yarn Anywhere Near a 1-year-old. And if she hadn't already convinced me, Che would have done. The basket is now in the wool room.

Then we have the drawers.

These are those big plastic pull-out bins you can buy at pretty much any variety store. The somber colors on the far right are skeins of Nancy Bush's Footpath yarn that I bought to knit socks from her Vintage Socks book.

I singled out a few as examples that caught my eye:

Above are STR leightweight from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and below are a variety of yarns I've picked up on trips to The Needlepoint Joint in Ogden, Utah.

The two on the bottom of the above picture are both Austermann Step, which contains aloe and jojoba to make knitting and wearing the socks more pleasant. I think the greeny one is in the queue for Very Soon if not Immediate knitting.

And then there are the Lorna's Laces refugees living in the bookcase (still).

On Saturday I taught Amber how to knit socks. Taking a hint from a Nancy Bush class, I had her knit just a few rounds of each sock part so that she could finish before day's end. I didn't think to photograph her finished project, but finish it she did. My favorite moment was when she began the heel turn and I told her to turn the work before finishing the row. The look on her face was priceless. I think everyone has that moment of incomprehension or disbelief when they meet their first Short Row.

I had a raging headache all weekend, and it made me too lazy to go look at an actual sock pattern to see which comes first on the gusset, the k2 tog or the ssk. I told Amber ssk first, but it must be k2 tog since her gusset looked spiky rather than smooth. But that's why we have sock patterns, right? So now she can knit a top down sock from a pattern and will understand how all the parts fit together. Next we'll go back to toe up, which we started and abandoned for no good reason a while ago.

While Amber knitted I spun more purple wool for the exchange I'm in:

This is how much I got done (before on the left, after on the right)

(Listening to Arvo Pärt: De Pacem: An den Wassern zu Babel)

I also finished the first Pomatomus Sock.

I redid the toe a couple of times and the sock still seems a little small; but it's a Christmas gift for my mom, and she is both skinny and small of foot. I think it will be fine. She doesn't read my blog so that wasn't a spoiler.

Trusty and I are putting off our Long Walk for a while hoping for the rain to stop. In the meantime I think I'll go practice the organ.

Update: We didn't wait long enough; we got soaking wet!!!


Stephanie hat gesagt…

Will I be able to get that much "fibre fun" accomplished when my kiddos are grown? I'm trying to finish up some spindle spinning today before my class with Judy G tonight...all between nursing, and feeding, and washing hands and faces, and picking up kiddos, and running kiddos to carpool, youth symphony, and making dinner, and doing laundry, and blah blah know the song and dance!

Joanne hat gesagt…

I love the Pomatomus Sock! Great color choice.
PS - you're right, my glove is from the Cashmere dyed at GBFAF. (is it wrong to answer comments on other's comments?)

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