Dienstag, Oktober 03, 2006

Playing with roving

Trusty was quite hyper last night, so we took him for a walk first thing after supper. His favorite place to sniff is the fake waterfall and pool near our house.

When we got back I wanted to start my project for the Twisted Knitters dye-spin-knit-along. I'm skipping the dyeing stage because I want to use one of the rovings from my OFFF adventure in Blue Moon Fiber Arts's Puck's Mischief colorway.

I probably should have taken Cesare for a long walk as well before I started.

I've described the whole process I was trying to accomplish in a post at the Twisted Knitters site. You may need to scroll down to find it; the date is October 3.

Trust Turbo to show up when all the work was done and just take credit for the finished product.

Now the willpower starts. I'm not letting myself work on anything else until I've at least planned what I'm going to put in the lace sampler for my NPJ class. The first section of the sampler will be done in class, so must teach the basic lace stitches and how to read lace patterns and charts. The second section will be knitted at home, and must be something that can reasonably be completed in a week. The third section, which we'll work on in the second session of the class, will be applied lace edging.

Hey, does that count as deciding what goes in it? I'm going to go knit.

No, actually, I'm going to go take Trusty for a Really Long Walk first.


Joanne hat gesagt…

Test test... your Blue Moon Fiber Arts's Puck's Mischief colorway is absolutely beautiful - Nice contrast next to the kitties. I think I appreciate Turbo's spinning style more than Cesare's :)

margene hat gesagt…

It's a perfect day for a long walk!

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