Sonntag, Oktober 22, 2006

On with the show

Yesterday stayed busy, but I made it down the hill into Salt Lake around lunch time to pick up my red skein of Lamb's Pride for the Christmas stockings.

Of course I didn't get out of Black Sheep Wool with just the Lamb's Pride.

I am a Bearfoot addict; what can I say. My most comfiest socks are Bearfoot. The two skeins of Redtail Hawk, on the right, will hopefully become a Christmas gift for Paul. I can use his first Trekking sock as a guinea pig to make sure I can knit a sock to fit his high-arched feet. The Mountain Twilight, on the left, looks just like a colorway I knitted up and gave away; I think it's the same. The Granite Peak is much darker in real life. It's new to me.

I'm the weeist big worrit that the new Christmas stockings are going to look too different from the originals to work in anyone's house. The color match isn't that close, and there are noticeable textural differences between the Manos and the Lamb's Pride.

Oh well. I tried.

Today's big project was making gumbo. I tried a different brand of andouille this time and thought it was pretty good. But dinner is over and the dishwasher running, so I'm off to continue the Christmas stockings and listen to (what else) more Christmas music.

It's only been in the last few years that I could get away with playing Christmas music this early in the year. Paul prefers no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, so usually it's on the iPod if he's around. But for years the kids and I would cheat with this CD, starting in early November:

It's not really Christmas music, just wintery stuff. But as a transplanted Idahoan living in the south for seventeen years, I really missed winter. Our first winter in New Orleans I cut out paper snowflakes and stuck them on my windows to pretend. Some frost-producing music helped in the pretense.

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