Donnerstag, Oktober 05, 2006

On the bright side . . .

What a morning. I'm trying to paste up an organ accompaniment so I won't have any page turns, and the printer keeps grabbing two sheets of paper at a time. This means that half the sheets come out on standard paper instead of legal. I think I've done this three times.

While all this is going on, Trusty realizes that we haven't gone on a Really Long Walk yet today, and plants a surprise package IN MY BEDROOM. Is this some kind of dog communication the Bark Busters lady hasn't explained yet? I had already taken him out less than an hour previously, and he had done some in the yard.

And then it's Weight Watchers morning. I have not been for three weeks. I'm sure I have gained back all the 9.6 lbs I previously lost.

And the diet sweater is not going well. Cesare gnawed on it and scissor-toothed through floats in two places. I didn't discover this until the next round. I carefully fixed the first one by weaving in a spare piece of yarn. But then a second bitten place showed up.

At this point I'm suspicious that there are more places he's chewed that haven't broken yet. So now I have to pick out the first weaving, frog a couple of rows, and reknit. Not fun.

On the bright side, I finished the gusset and got into the foot on Pomatomus

On the dark side, I still can't find the Crystal Palace 2 1/2 DP I lost in Paul's car on the weekend. I am struggling along on Titania's Revenge with 4, but not happy, nope.

Note: duvet cover courtesy of Sundance Catalog; cat hairs courtesy of Turbo and Che

On the bright side, I fixed my own TiVo last night. The hard drive died last week, and I had no blathering friend to keep me company while knitting. Paul has been here, but he refuses to blather, and he won't read to me, either. (Note: he did buy me a new iPod, and it will read to me.)While the TiVo was down I missed Bones last week (did it come on this week?) and had to put Dr. Who on (horrors!) VHS.

I ordered the new drive from It came completely configured (Cherry put in the last one and did the configuring herself--I'm not going there!)with two helpful little wrenches and great instructions, with pictures. Besides, I've installed drives before. It took three tries to get the case back on (Hmmm--these screws don't fit; wait, now I've got an extra screw, where did that come from?) but we finally back in bidness.

Well, I'll post an update after Weight Watchers, but I'm not expecting anything cheerful.



Joanne hat gesagt…
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Joanne hat gesagt…

Convert your weight to kilos (divide by 2.2) It made me feel strangely encouraged when I had to do it in my French class last night :)

elizagrrl hat gesagt…

Watch out for those kitties. My kitty loves to eat yarn so every thing is covered in thick plastic, out of her reach.

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