Donnerstag, Oktober 26, 2006

Nyehhh, What's Up, Doc? (smack smack)

You know how Bugs Bunny should have turned left at Albuquerque? You know how Wile E. Coyote always falls over the cliff? I do these things with my car. I checked over my shoulder to see if it was safe to change lanes in rush hour, and when I looked back the traffic in front of me was no longer moving slowly. It was stopped, so I braked. As I braked I said, as I always do, "Now someone will hit me." They usually don't, but this time they did.

I told the insurance company I don't want a rental car until Monday. I want to stay home and knit. Or spin. Or walk the dog. Or listen to new age Not Christmas Music. Or something. No one was hurt, but I felt sorry for the poor lady from Idaho who got a ticket just for not knowing that rush hour traffic might be stopped rather than moving slowly.

My internet is iffy in bad weather. Since we are getting into a stretch of, say, six months of bad weather, I may have fewer pictures on my blog. When the nice Comcast man comes on Halloween I am going to meet him at the door in my Evil Emperor cloak with my push-button, spring-loaded light sabre and force him to install an above-ground line for the winter. We can worry about a permanent fix in the spring. If it was just internet I could go to the library; but it's also my cable TV. I will have to go to Laurel's to watch Dr. Who, and watch old movies instead of The History Channel. And just when it wtarted working right.

I especially like it when I call Comcast and they say, "Is your telephone service with us?" And I get to say, "No, if it was, would I be able to call you right now? MY SERVICE IS OUT!!!"

Hey, look, I got one!

I don't think the snow had anything to do with the accident, just the internet issues.

Whoa, another one!

Two in a row!

These are only fiber-related because they kept me from being able to do anything fiberish while I made them. The chocolate spider was especially fun to make. The broomsticks were more just annoying. They elicited a gratifying response from the piano kids who ate them at group lesson. Recipes for these are in the King Arthur Flour Baking Sheet Newsletter from Autumn 2004. If they don't have back issues available, I'm sure they'll email you the recipe so I don't have to break copyright.

I can't decide whether to knit a sweater for Trusty or a cat bed for Che or Turbo. Probably I should do Christmas knitting for people who will notice.

My friend Annette and our shared granddaughter, Piper. Piper will be getting elf mittens. Annette is getting something chicken-related and secret.

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