Mittwoch, Oktober 11, 2006

Mending Day

Last night Piper, age 5, wore her pink and purple fuzzy poncho to Highland Dance. I was disturbed to see stringers hanging off it in Lots of Places. "What happended to your poncho?" I asked. "Well, I got it caught on a girl's zipper at Kindergarten . . ." But that wasn't all. Some of the yarns are slippery and the ends just hadn't stayed in place. So I confiscated it for repair.

This poncho has a history. After dance classes at Virginia Tanner starting when Piper was 2 1/2, we always did something fun afterwards. Sometimes we went to Nifty Cool to get horses or stickers; other times we would stop at Mrs. Cavenaugh's, where Piper always wanted (but was never allowed to get) a giant lollipop. But every now and then we went to Black Sheep Wool to pick out pink and purple fuzzy (and sometimes glitzy) yarn.

Piper has very discriminating taste. Vonnie and Carol would follow her around suggesting this or that pink or purple fuzzy (or glitzy) yarn. Piper would think about each color, and with a decisiveness worthy of a shop owner facing down a yarn rep, add the yarn to her armful or reject it outright.

Piper isn't the only one who likes pink and purple fuzzy yarns

These shopping trips sometimes got pricey, since pink and purple fuzzy (and glitzy) yarns don't come cheap. One time I was trying to get Piper to stop shopping by suggesting that she had as many balls of yarn as she could carry. Carol wickedly asked, "Miss, would you like a shopping bag?" and handed Piper one.

Eventually the collection was complete; Piper was branching out to "Rainbow" and it was time to knit the poncho. I picked a simple pattern where you just knit ribbing to fit the child's head as if you were knitting a hat, then place markers at center front and back. You then work a yarn over before and after each those center stitches on alternating rows until the poncho is long enough.

Most of the yarns were of the slippery ilk, which caused an effect I didn't expect: the neckline stretched. This gave the poncho a kind of off-the-shoulder effect that was cute but less effective. In fact Piper said she liked the stringers on the poncho because that was the only way she could tell the top from the bottom! So while I had the poncho here today, I also crocheted around the neckline with a non-stretchy yarn to stabilize it.

With Weight Watchers coming up tomorrow, I also wanted to get the Diet Sweater to the point where I really need the next ball of yarn. It was so tempting to just forget the diet while the Diet Sweater was stuck. Just a few more rows and I'll be ready for the next Fair Isle band. And for that I'll need another ball.

Wish me good luck at the scales tomorrow. Even .1 lb. lost is enough.

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