Dienstag, Oktober 24, 2006

For Some Reason the Mailman Always Brings Yarn

Yesterday's mail:

1. A big box of fatwood to make fire starting easier. I had to take it to the garage because it was giving me asthma. Smelled good, though!

2. A new pair of organ shoes--black! I can't wear my cream organ shoes with my black pantyhose, now, can I?

pumpkin from Liberty Heights Fresh

3. My Urban Bubble scarf kit in Rooster Rock with more wooden balls than yarn.

4. A stack of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns from Loopy Ewe (I Heart Loopy Ewe)

From left: 012 Jungle, 014 Donna's Favorite in sport weight; 018 Donna's Favorite in fingering weight; 006 Ingrid's Blues in sport weight; 005 Black Walnut (Tan's Favorite) in fingering weight

You really need to go to Loopy Ewe and look at all the colorways. There are big pictures there. The actual hues appear slightly warmer in person than online, but I am freaked out over how gorgeous they are in real life.

Personal Note:
I have been having trouble with anxiety all fall. Knitting helps a lot. When I had anxiety before I started knitting, I had to lie on the bed and hyperventilate for half an hour before I could go anywhere. Now I knit and hyperventilate instead. I'm not sure it alleviates the anxiety, but at least I am more productive. While hyperventilating yesterday I did the hard rows on the diet sweater (it takes as long to knit four rows of trinity stitch as it does to knit most of a colorwork panel). In the evening I started the second Pomatomus sock.

Another kids' book
that I have to read every year before Christmas:

This one comes with a caveat. Do not read this book if you are offended by pre-Christian religious sentiment. This book is about halfway between Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in that regard. My mother hates it and can't figure out why I like it. OK, mom, it's well-written and it takes place during the midwinter/Christmas season. That's why. I just ignore the stuff I don't agree with. Incidentally, it's part of a series. You might enjoy it more if you first read Greenwitch.

And now, in hopes that the mailman will bring stuff in addition to yarn (never instead of), here is

My Top Ten Twelve Two Dozen Archie McPhee wishlist:

Fashion Accessories
Toad Purse
Bleak Wristbands
Deadly Sins Wristbands

Tub O' Flying Cats
Love Rats
Standing Rat
Cornered Rat
Latex Bat
Hanging Bat
Invading Dinosaurs
Wind-up Dinosaurs
Wind-up Walking Cow
Cow Super Bounce Balls

Pirate Stuff (even though I have not started knitting my pirate hat)
Pirate Umbrella
Large Pirate Flag
Deluxe Eye Patch
Pirate Grog Mugs

Action figures:
Deluxe Librarian
Albert Einstein
Bach (I already have Mozart and Beethoven)
Leonardo da Vinci
Alexander the Great

Just Plain Weird
Death Mints

Thanks to Todd and Joanne for getting me onto Archie McPhee.

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