Mittwoch, Oktober 18, 2006

Do socks have to match?

Do socks actually have to match? How close is close enough? How different is too different? And is it really OK to use the Emergency Keychain Yarn that comes with Sock Club yarns from BMFA?

Paul is out of town tonight, so I have to do something to make the house seem less empty. A fire in the fireplace and Christmas music should do the trick. Paul doesn't enjoy Christmas music this early in the season, even though I'm not talking Frosty the Snowman here. Tonight's selection is harp and choir and mystery that puts snow on branches and stars in trees whether its December or not:

Getting the fire going is a challenge. It involves some recycling and the use of some fatwood sticks

and matches (Trusty likes to help).

In hopes of keeping Trusty out of mischief I've loaded this bone with bacon-flavored snacks stuck in with peanut butter.

More recycling:

It looks as if the fire is going to work.

The bone, too.

So finally I can finish the Titania's Revenge socks. I had a lot of trouble with the left sock.

I didn't count the stitches as the lace decreased, and consequently didn't notice that sometimes I was increasing. If I had kept going until the lace disappeared, the sock would have been twice as long as my foot (think Mad Magazine), so it had to be redone.

The right sock seemed to be going better until I ran out of yarn. Luckily BMFA sends Emergency Sock Yarn with the club kits.

I finished the right sock . . .

. . . only to discover that my socks don't match.

Not only does the pattern go much farther down the toe on the right than on the left, but the colors pooled on it as well.

Well, that solves the question of who to give them to for Christmas.

You know, these socks are pretty comfy. I've been wearing them all evening, and no one has mentioned that they didn't match.


tapmouse hat gesagt…

Tan-you are amazing! The socks look great and no, they don't have to match! Besides, they look like they match to *me*...I haven't touched my Hippy Crunchies and have just started the cuff on the Titania's. (Well, ok, let me confess I got about 7 rows into the lace and dropped something so will probably rip back to the cuff vs. try and figure out what went wrong!)

L-B hat gesagt…

You know,it took me awhile to get my eyes off of that roaring fire before I could look at your socks! I see so much of nature in everything.In your Titania's, I see streams of water crossing the left foot. Then, they widen into a pool on the right! Very cool!

Rhonda hat gesagt…

Oh wow, they are very different. BUT, I never care if my socks match or not. I think it's more fun when they don't in fact. I give you credit ... I haven't even STARTED Titania & only did one Hippie Crunchie so far.

mf hat gesagt…

isn't that the beauty of the yarn they don't usually match.....They look wonderful. keep them!

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