Freitag, Oktober 20, 2006

The diet sweater is back (hooray!)

Yes, I got another ball of yarn at Weight Watchers yesterday, and this is what I did with it:


It's about all the knitting I've had time for. Trusty and I spent all morning working with his trainer, Mary Ann Harmon from Bark Busters. While he's making great progress and is almost a model citizen in the house, he's so exhuberant on his walk that I can hardly handle him. He's up to 65 lbs, so if he lunges at another dog or a person running past, it's all I can do to control him. So Trusty has added a new piece of equipment to his collection: the Gentle Leader.

He only has to wear it while he's on walks. I've heard good reviews on these from others who use them. My sister started using it with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Bärli, after it pulled her then-10-year-old right over a railing when it ran down the steps and around a corner too abruptly.

I'm laying Pomatomus aside for a few days to knit a couple of Christmas stockings. Years ago I knitted stockings for my brother's family from Green Mountain Spinnery's pattern.

These may have been my most successful gift knits ever. They have used those stockings every Christmas for probably ten years. Now Reed and Nica are all grown up and their mom sent these to me so I can knit matching stockings for Nica's husband and Reed's bride-to-be. Of course I'll never get an exact match on the yarn, but reversing the colors will make this less noticeable. I used Manos then, but got a better color match using Brown Sheep this time. The biggest problem will be my gauge. I may have to go up two needle sizes to get close, because I knit a lot tighter now.

Of course I'll want to listen to Christmas music while I'm getting into all that red and green yarn:

This another CD based on that shivery British cathedral choir sound.

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