Sonntag, Oktober 08, 2006

The Bad Cat? or the Bad Yarn???

Che didn't do it. I've apologized profusely and given him treats, but I'm not sure he's forgiven me for blaming him publicly for biting my knitting when HE DIDN'T DO IT!

I spent all evening Saturday unpicking Rustic to get out all the broken bits of yarn. This was made especially difficult because I had done such a heck of a job on my repair of the first break I had found. However, as I picked out each row, more breaks showed up. Could the cat have done that much damage to the sweater without breaking BOTH yarns???!!!!

After picking out stitch by stitch almost down to where the color work began, I started reknitting. On the second round I came to more broken stitches, with Cesare nowhere in sight. The light bulb suddenly began dimly to glow. It was from me jerking the knitting to stretch the floats. Apparently you don't do that with Rowan's Scottish Tweed, nope.

So I'm not.

Listening to Arvo Part's Da Pacem. Trust me, you need Arvo Part. He's a little bit Country Renaissance, and a little bit Rock 'n' Roll Minimalist.

Last week's mail order haul, all from Jimmy Bean's Wool:

This is Rowan Cashsoft DK for a vest for Owen, the Tank Top from Lucinda Guy's And So to Bed.

And this is from their sale bin, Rowan Yorkshire Tweed. It's been discontinued. Scottish Tweed seems pretty similar, but I promise Yorkshire Tweed can handle being jerked and Scottish Tweed apparently can't. My mother lost the beret I knitted her from A Yorkshire Fable, so I thought I would try to duplicate it.

Yesterday's cool activity was joining the Salt Lake Stitch 'n' Bitchers for tea at the Beehive Tearoom. I'm a lurker on the edge of SNB, participating mostly by email and by reading people's blogs (and buying their patterns!) It was amazing to be there in person instead of in electronland. The Tearoom was cool, too. It was a good idea, Kathrine. I think I'll take myself there for my birthday (I doubt I can drag Paul to afternoon tea).

A bit of philosophy: When you wake up in the morning and you have to walk the dog, but it's cold and rainy and you would rather stay in bed, it really helps to have the right pair of socks.

The pair of Chautauqua Socks (Opal from The Yarn Cottage at Red Brick Farm on the Chautauqua edge of Mayville)I actually finished this summer

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