Sonntag, September 10, 2006

So much for socks

The rest of my diet sweater yarn finally came!

Isn't this amazing? I think it looks like a basket of apples.
Well, OK, I don't have a basket. But still.

This is the yarn for Rustic. The main color is Rowan 4-ply soft in color # 382 "Beetroot" with fair isle patterning colors in Scottish Tweed 4-ply, Rust (#009); Lobster (#017); Apple (#015; and Thatch (#018). Incidentally, Scottish Tweed is the yarn that Rowan had to change the name of. They had originally called it "Harris Tweed," but the Harris Tweed board sued them and they had to change the name to something else.

For a while I just played with yarn. I have the yarn for both sweaters packed up in Daisy Bags from Knitpicks, each with its full-sized picture from Rowan #40 and, in the case of Lorelei, its pattern all photocopied and tucked into plastic sheet protectors.

The main color for Lorelei is Wool Cotton in Deep Olive (#907). The fair isle is done in two more colors of Wool Cotton, Chestnut (#966) and Still* (a greenish color, #964); and two shades of Felted Tweed--which I love--Herb (#146) and Pine (#158). The beads for this haven't come, but as it's the second sweater and I can only get one ball a week (and only then if I lose weight) it will be several months before I need them. *Still is not shown correctly on the Rowan website.

I did manage to stop playing with the yarn long enough to cast on for Rustic--about 400 stitches on #2 needles. This was an amazing accomplishment with Che attacking the cast on tail every 10-20 seconds.

I'm going to knit it both of these sweaters in the round. I'll have to do a little calculation to make sure I have the design centered at the front on Rustic, a cardigan, since I'm not going to have seam stitches.

There is still some sock activity going on. Before I checked the mail yesterday I did fix the sock heel.

Using the reinforcement yarn that comes with Jawoll bulked it out and made it look a lot nicer even though the heel flap is knitted on the same number of stitches as before.

Look closely at the "before" picture and tell me if you can see the other problem with the sock before I frogged the heel.

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