Samstag, September 09, 2006

She came, she blogged, she probably got bad writer's cramp

The Welsh Country Sock Meets the Yarn Harlot

Stephanie Pearl McPhee is a riot! I laughed out loud for over an hour, and I am not much of a LOLer. It's not just what she says. It's the timing, the facial expressions, the things she does with The Sock--the whole experience.

Observations about Stephanie:
She does not look short in person (I admit I didn't see her standing next to anyone tall)
Her hair isn't that big
She can knit on a fine-gauge sock without looking
Icarus is a masterpiece and I have seen it in person!

I got there early and hung out with a few other people who just couldn't wait.

click picture to see more early birds

Both of the people who have ever stuck me in the neck with a needle were there (the one on the right in each picture).

along with lots of other knitters (click picture to see more people who were there)

The book signing went on for quite a while. I felt guilty for asking Stephanie to sign five books, but it was my Christmas shopping, so I wanted them all to be equally special.

After I got home and had a closer look at my sock I realized it had an embarrassing problem: I knitted the heel flap too short.

The color issues are just bad lighting, don't worry about that

And so I'm left to wonder about the philosophical implications of having my sock's picture (instead of my own)taken with The Yarn Harlot. Is it the heirarchy of famousness, as when the Harlot's sock is photographed with rock stars (and people who think they are)? She is a rock star of knitting. Is it a kind of tribute, as in "Imitation is the sincerest form of compliment"? Or is it just that the sock doesn't need to lose weight and doesn't mind being photographed?

I leave you to ponder this as I go to frog the heel and heel flap and do them over (I forgot to put in the reinforcing thread, too).

It looks a little bit like a bald eagle, doesn't it?

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margene hat gesagt…

It was great to see you at the book signing. Too bad about the heel but we ALL do it.

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