Dienstag, September 12, 2006

Rustic takes off

I am feeling a little more normal this morning. In the middle of Margene's page (actually while reading it) I nipped over to MimKnits and ordered her Seraphim and Hidcote Garden shawl patterns. Looking at lace is a great endorphin producer.

Although there was a positive side effect of being dysfunctional yesterday: I nearly finished the ribbing for Rustic.

I spent the morning putting together my new bookcase. There are still things within Trusty's reach in my room that need to be on shelves. With the audio books in my office, the rest of the Trusty fodder can now be tucked away.

I got my hair done, always a cheering event, and worked on the Welsh Country Sock while the hairdresser put highlights into my fake red hair.

The gusset on the Welsh Country Sock seems a little short, maybe because I'm on smaller needles than called for. I think I'll frog back and redo it with two rows between decreases. But not right now. I'm almost to the color work on Rustic!

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margene hat gesagt…

Love the picture of your head;-) Glad to be able to enable.

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