Donnerstag, September 14, 2006

One Man's Project's Rejects . . .

OK, so these are the "rejects" from the Rustic project.

You're right, these are not rejects in any sense of the word. They're Yorkshire Tweed and Rowanspun 4-Ply substitutes that The Handworks Gallery thought might work instead of Scottish Tweed, which they apparently hadn't received yet. One shade was right on, the others either too dark or too light. But picture them in this cuff

Nancy Bush's cuff from Piecework March/April 2006

perhaps applied to the Seaside gloves from MagKnits!

In other news:

With a little help from my friends

(actually Laurel and Amber were a lot more help than these two jokers) I made some serious progress on the doggy-fodder moving.

The new bookcase:

Wait a minute, is there yarn in that one? This is supposed to be a yarn-free zone (like there's a yarn-free zone in this house).

It's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Lakeview (I had to have that
one because I live on Lakeview Drive), Camouflage, and Bittersweet.

It's dangerous to go into Black Sheep Wool in Salt Lake because they leave this stuff lying around in huge piles, to trap the unwary. I was just going in a couple of weeks ago to get some copies of Knitting Rules to be autographed, and I came out with all this sock yarn. Sheesh.

Anyway, we also put up a new home for the sweaters.

I found these nifty swifty storage cubes I put the sweaters in at Fred Meyer Smith's Market. I was originally going to use them in the toy room, so they are, er, purple. But hey, I'm saving the PINK ones for my shoes.

But wait! There's more! While cleaning out the old jigsaw puzzles, why-did-I-keep-that clothes, and ten-year-old Writer's Markets, Amber found my big LoRan magnet board!

This board saw me through the Salt Lake Olympics Dale of Norway sweater and then disappeared. It's hard to find this size (it's about 12"x18"). Welcome back, magnet board! Somewhere I have a stand for you. And two new lace patterns to dress you in.

Tuesday night's knitting while waiting for Paul's midnight flight:

And this morning's knitting while waiting for the garage door repairman:

The colors are pretty subtle. Plus the photo's a little out of focus. But note the puffy little trinity stitch band. The sleeves are supposed to be done entirely in trinity stitch. Umm, I can't imagine how much weight I will have to lose in order for my arms to want something puffy on them. They are puffy enough without trinity stitch sleeves. I think I will knit the sleeves plain.

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