Mittwoch, September 20, 2006

I must be nuts

Why am I sitting here at my computer? I was going to leave for the first leg of my Portland trip at 3:30, and it's 5:30.

Trusty and I went to the pet store and bought two 5-lb. bags of dog food and some new treats. Then he went to Camelot Pet Resort and Spa for the weekend (hopefully Paul will be home enough to pick him up on Saturday). This place is so cushy I would even want to stay there. No wait, maybe not.

I took Joanne her birthday presents (happy birthday, Joanne! She works at My Mind's Eye, a company that makes scrapbooking papers and doo-dads. I went in to see the new lines and it almost (I said almost) makes me want to scrapbook. Get a load of the Bohemia and Signature Suite lines. Sadly, they only wholesale so you'll have to find them at your LSS.

I seriously covet one of Joanne's presents, Bazaar Bizarre:Not Your Granny's Crafts. You need to buy this book and make purple sock monkeys. I picked it off her wishlist, sight unseen, but I think I will add it to my wishlist.

I went to Shopko Pharmacy and picked up Singulaire . . . wait, did I forget to put my asthma inhaler in my bag???

I went to Radio Shack and bought a rigid case for my iPod so I don't bend it by sitting on it.

I went to Mrs. Cavenaugh's chocolates and got treats for the people I am staying with along my way. Plus some for me. You need these chocolates. You need cherry cordial and almond cluster. Anyway I do.

I was finished with all these errands at 4:30, only an hour late, no prob.

Then I realized I had forgotten to put my sleeping bag in the car. So I came home for it. And I decided I needed another audio book on my iPod. So I started downloading one. And downloading it. And downloading it. I have been sitting here for 20 minutes and both segments of the book have made it to 97%. My internet is working fine. I wonder what's wrong at

While waiting I read Stephanie's blog and realized I had forgotten to pack my camera. Thanks, Steph.

And the asthma stuff. I hope this isn't a sign from God that I'm going to actually need it.

OK, the iPod is loaded. NOW I'm leaving!

P.S. I tried to upload a picture, but blogger hates us today.

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