Sonntag, September 03, 2006

First Annual Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair

Hey, this was fun--

Laurel and Joanne and I went to Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake on Saturday and took Kate Robertson's dyeing class.

We learned how to make stock dye solutions

And dye yarn in an electric roaster--
you know, those things your mother
roasted the Thanksgiving turkey in!

Behind Kate are Sarah, Betty, Teri Jo, Laurel, and Joanne. I can't remember who had on the pink shirt so I can't identify the half a person on the right. Margene and her doggies (and Smith) were there, too. And Susan, and more people . . .

I did a little shopping at Spinderella's and Deb's

and saw a lot more people than I remembered to take pictures of



I'll post pictures of my finished fibers after they get dry. But you can see what I did to my feet:

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Jo hat gesagt…

Gosh I wish I could have been there. My credit card would never have recovered.

I have great instructions now (thanks to Anne) for microwave-dyeing yarn. Must try it when I have three seconds together at the same time.

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