Dienstag, September 26, 2006

And Now: The Loot!

OK. So here's what I bought at Blue Moon's booth on Saturday:

  • Rovings:

  • On the left we have Puck's Mischief (50% merino/50% tencel), and on the right Highway 30 (50% mulbery silk/50% superfine merino).

    OHMYGOSH! I have been on Highway 30 now, myself, in person! I didn't even think about it. Highway 30 doubles Route 84 pretty much all along the route we took to Oregon, then shoots off towards Scappoose where the Moonies in Blue (hey, just joking) live and work right about where we cut off to take the St. Johns bridge on the way to Ane's.

    I have the Highway 30 colorway already in STR, but for some reason I wasn't excited about Puck's Mischief until I saw it in person. And then I got it in a couple of different yarns. Go figure.

    So far the way I have spun rovings like this where I want to keep the colors distinct is to split it into sections, ball them all up identically, and then spin them as similarly as I can and ply them with same colors matching same colors. At Blue Moon they did have a yarn, which I didn't get, that had a barberpole look. Maybe I'll try that on one of these. I believe the spinning kits they have give you instructions on that method.

    I'm going to do the Twisted Knitters Dye-Spin-Knit-along, and the Roolz allow buying your roving already dyed. Sounds like Puck's Mischievous Socks to me.

    Anyway. Moving right along.

  • Seduction in Obsidian:

  • 50% merino/50% tencel
    approx 400 yds/4 oz.
    7 sts/in on US #3

    I bought three skeins because I want to knit MimKnits Seraphim Shawl.

  • Bambu in Obsidian:

  • 100% bamboo
    approx. 400 yds/3 oz.
    8-10 sts/in on US #2

    a scarf, maybe? It's very soft.

  • Socks That Rock in Harlotty:

  • 100% superwash merino--lightweight
    approx 360 yds/4.5 oz.
    8-10 sts/in on US #1

    Lovingly known by its afficionados as "STR", this is Blue Moon's flagship yarn in a colorway designed especially for Stephanie Pearl McPhee, the Yarn Harlot--and the rest of us who got there before it ran out.

  • Sock Candy in Rhode Island Red:

  • 96% cotton/4% elite (whatever that is--something stretchy?)
    approx 200 yds/2 oz.
    7-8 sts/in on US #2

    You'll need two skeins for a pair of socks.

    Tina is taking this chicken thing really seriously. When I got to the booth she was shrieking, "That person had a chicken bag! Did you see the chicken bag?" I did not see the lady with the chicken bag, but I told Tina that she needs to go to Kauai where the island is populated mainly by chickens. She would go nuts.

    Maybe one of us needs to knit Tina a chicken-shaped dishcloth.

  • Periwinkle in Puck's Mischief:

  • 100% wool
    approx 250 yds/8 oz.
    3 sts/in on US #13

    As you can tell from the yardage and possibly the photo, this is a thick 'n' thin, but mostly chunky yarn.

    It doesn't know what it wants to be, but that's enough yardage for a scarf or a couple of hats.

  • Kidmo in Bleeding Hearts:

  • 90% kid mohair/10% nylon
    approx. 200 yds/1.5 oz.
    4 sts/in on US #8

    I bought two skeins of this to knit the Urban Bubble Scarf (seen here draped on the manniken leg). It's a shibori scarf, knit in plain stockinette but then felted with wooden beads trapped in the knitting so it makes those awesome bubbles. Bobbles. Whatever.

  • Rio in Hurricane:

  • 100% rayon
    approx: 800 yds/8 oz.
    gauge: swatch

    This has got to be a shawl. And I had better wind it pretty soon before it self-destructs. This pose was kind of hard on the skein. Can you see the bright green on the far side of the skein? It's kind of an Oz green, as in "Wizard of," not the continent.

    I obviously missed some yarns, but I was handicapped by not being independently wealthy.


    Marsha hat gesagt…

    You could've fooled me - hee hee!! Love STR yarns! Jealous of your booty (yarn - not THAT booty - heh!)

    tina hat gesagt…

    I do not shriek!! ha, maybe cluck but certainly no shriek.

    I lost track of your purchases Tan. Did not realize you got roving too...

    Becky hat gesagt…

    OK - I am so jealous. I cannot believe you got to see and touch all that STR. Thanks for posting the pics so that I can drool.

    margene hat gesagt…

    You had too much fun!! Lucky grrl!

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