Sonntag, September 03, 2006

All Quiet on the Eastern Bench

They're gone.

At 2:30 p.m. sharp my daughter and her family finally made it into the car and drove down the hill, headed for Portland where her husband has a job with the Portland Opera. He will sing the title role in Monteverdi's Return of Ulysses with their Studio Artists program (and have some smaller roles in other operas including my favorite, The Magic Flute).

I have mixed feelings. I'll really miss a lot of things about having them here, including getting to watch the grandkids grow up, building an adult relationship with my daughter (we didn't get along when she was younger), and being around her husband, who is very funny and sings really well.

But I'll enjoy having time by myself. It's almost impossible to write music with the commotion, interruptions, and noise of a family of small children in the house. No wonder Mahler composed in a hut.

The Salzkammergut hut.
I think this might have been the vacation hut.
He had several.

While the grownups were packing, I babysat the boys. We watched the Mythbusters blow up various food objects, and I finished my Hippy Crunchy socks:

Not sure why I had wider stripes on one leg than on the other. It could have been due to Cesare's insistance on repeatedly biting off the yarn before I even knew he was around. It got hard to keep straight where I was in the color repeats when I picked up a new section.

I didn't have a lot of yarn left. I made the cuff longer than the pattern called for, mainly because I thought it would be nice to use it up.

The smaller bit is about four yards, one of Cesare's projects.

My other change was to knit the socks from the toe up. I like the way my socks fit when I knit them that way.

I may return to traditional top-down socks this month, however. It's my 10-year anniversary of sock knitting, and I want to knit the Welsh socks from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks in celebration. More tomorrow about Sock September. Stay tuned!


stitchnsnitch hat gesagt…

I *heart* the Mythbusters. Blowing up food items is fantastic!

Welcome to the 'Ring, too.

Jo hat gesagt…

Gorgeous socks and hey I LIKE the difference in stripe width. It gives them character - after all, why should two things be identical? Your feet aren't. How do you cast on for the toe-up? (I came to grief not once but several times over the Figure 8 and eventually dropped the idea in favour of cuff-down). Noticed your comment on Lene's weblog about moving toward the natural colours. I'm feelng exactly the same - got the Jameson's colour card from the Shetland Isles in the post today...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Love em! Glad you liked them, they look great and I too love that the stripes are different. If people want matching socks, shouldn't they buy them at the store? OK, so that is what I tell myself because I can't make mine identical to save my life!

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