Mittwoch, August 16, 2006

We do the Joint

So today I decided to head for the Needlepoint Joint in Ogden to see what classes I'm scheduled to teach and decide what yarns to use. Well, and I forgot to resub to Interweave Knits so I had to pick up one of those as well.

I already promised Laura I would bring Trusty, so I thought I might as well bring along the boys, too.

Unfortunately Trusty didn't want to stay in the back of the SUV. The boys were good sports about it. I had to bribe them with McDonalds later, though.

Laura, of course, adored Trusty.

Betty had rushed out thinking I had brought a new grandchild, and had to make a serious effort to smile at him. Verna and Eileen were accepting.

We decided on Ashford spindles for the spinning class, since they're inexpensive; or people can bring their own. I will provide fiber out of stash. They can bring sportweight yarn for the lace sampler (horrors! I have to design a lace sampler!) and bring leftovers for Knitting the Other Way. But which yarn to use for the entrelac hat?

If I use Karoke (50% soy silk/50% merino), I can use the Three Kittens pattern.

If I use Foliage (Berroco, wool and acrylic--but nice acrylic), I have to write my own. But the Foliage is so gorgeous. It is really brown. I can't get my picture to match. Do I want to write an entrelac hat pattern????

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margene hat gesagt…

LOVE Trusty! And the kitty is too cute. I wouldn't want to write a pattern for an entralac hat either! The blog looks good!

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