Dienstag, August 22, 2006

See, I'm not panicking

The puppyproofing is proceding apace. Only one spindle and a hint of fiber are left in my room, an they're out of Puppy's reach.

This is partly out of desperation. The pets are working together now to destroy my stuff (note chewed ends indicated by chubby yellow arrows).

This was a skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Lupine, which I believe is a discontinued color. Cesare could not have gotten it out of its hiding place. Trusty had to have done it.

But I think if Trusty had done the chewing, I would not have been able to recover it.

The Rock Bag
The last time I mentioned the rock bag Archer commissioned I was all set to put the stitches onto a circular needle to work in the round using Magic Loop. This turned out to be easier said than done.

Like this is going to work:

Or this:

I suddenly remember why I never use this toe on a sock.

Although to be honest, it's easier to figure out if
a) your brain actually works
b) you do it on double points

Also, if I were to do this for a sock I wouldn't use the long-tail cast on. The cast on edge ends up on the inside of a sock, so you need something less bulky like the e-wrap (Sally Melville) aka wimpy (Nancy Bush) cast on. I wanted a crisp edge so I left it on the outside. I knitted the bag through the back loop to make it firm (it is, after all, going to hold rocks) except for the top edge where the tie goes through. Of course this resulted in the bag pulling in enough that I had to do some increases, and also caused the bag to bias.

In other news:

I finished one Hippy Crunchy sock (chubby yellow arrow pointing out "heel flap")

and the mailman brought more incredibly beautiful STR yarn

And now I have only to wait for the yarn to knit not one but two diet sweaters to come from England. I know, but I can't help it. English Yarns and Up Country Yarns have everything Rowan, including purse handles and beads.


margene hat gesagt…

Is that Midsummer Night!? I still don't have my winning yarn. Hmmmmm.

Tammy hat gesagt…

Tan, Two questions for you, first, do you know yet if you will be coming to OFFF, or has school not started yet? Second, when you do the plain stockinette rows right before the heel, do you do the pattern on the top of the sock, or just plain? Thanks.

Tammy hat gesagt…

Never mind, I found the answer when I went to re-read your post on the other site. It hadn't all loaded for me with the pictures, so some of it was missing the first time I read it.

tapmouse hat gesagt…

Thanks for directing me to your blog, Tan! The socks look great! You did a heel flap? Is it REALLY a heel flap? I ask because the 'grain' ("striping") of the sock matches up so well!

LOVE the Lupine Bearfoot! Also, what colorway is the STR?

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