Donnerstag, August 31, 2006

Life in the kind-of High Desert

Looking out over the Great Salt Lake this morning:

The sky really is big out here where there's nothing to limit the horizon but mountains. This is where I come to commune with nature and wear Trusty out so he'll nap for a while so I can get something done.

But life is not all dog walking and sight seeing. The yarn came from English Yarns for the Lorelei sweater! And I have lost weight three weeks in a row (7.2 lbs. total) so I should be able to knit some.

The only problem is that I had planned to knit the Rustic Sweater first since it's a little larger. OK, I admit that I could potentially just knit it bigger. But, EXCUSE ME! It's a diet sweater. I want to knit it in the size it comes in, knowwhatImean?

Can you tell I've been feeling a little aggravated about the Rustic yarn not being here yet? I was so upset about coming home from a successful trip to Weight Watchers with no Rustic sweater here to knit that I ate pancakes with about a half a stick of butter. And then Sharman made me eat half her onion rings. I tell you it's a conspiracy.

I have been working with Handworks Gallery to figure out where my yarn is. And apparently it's still at their place, due to a computer glitch (not usual for them, by the way). My big worry was that they had shipped it and it had gone postal.

Oh well. I knew something like this could happen. So I have a backup plan. The Organic Bag:

It has (horrors!) crochet in it. The dangly things that look like Nox hair are crocheted. But hey, I can crochet a few dangly bobbly Nox hair things to get a bag that looks like that.

Cesare checked out the yarn for it. The main yarn is the new Rowan Tapestry yarn. It's 70% wool and 30% soy silk. It's the variegated. The tan and burgundy ones, which Ce obviously prefers, are Kid Classic.

Speaking of Che, it's his fault there are no pictures of my almost finished Hippy Crunchy socks. He chewed on the yarn and I am trying to knit with two-foot strands of yarn. Can these socks be saved? Will the Vortex of Chaos devour this project completely? Tune in next time for the gripping final episode of
Hippy Crunchy Socks!

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margene hat gesagt…

You'll do it! The view of the GSL is one of my favorites. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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