Samstag, August 19, 2006

I take a knitting commission

The Commission

Last night I was working away on my Hippy Crunchy sock. This is the latest project from Blue Moon Fibers Arts's club. I mention this just in case. I am just about finished with this sock, even despite an accident yesterday in which it lost a needle while hiding from a dinosaur
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at Red Butte Gardens.

My grandson came in to remind me that I was supposed to be working on his red bag. How could I have forgotten? He commissioned a red bag to hold his rocks. It has to be bigger than the blue bag he already has. He even designed a pattern.

There was a discussion about red. What kind of red should the bag be. Regular red, he said, quite definitively.

So we went downstairs to the Neutron Star area I mean Stash Room. I, always practical, began looking in the leftover yarn bins. Luckily the bins are translucent, because said grandson quickly spotted exactly the red he wanted. It was a skein of Alice Starmore Guernsey yarn I bought right before it became extinct. The ball band did not say Regular Red, but it was anyway.

I forgot to grab needles before coming upstairs, but the 2.5 circs in the bag in the bedroom were fine. I cast on right away using an adaptation of the double knit sock toe I learned from my niece Ane. I cast on about 25 stitches, then knitted and purled into each stitch. The next step is to transfer the knit stitches to one needle and the purl stitches to another, then knit in the round. I didn't get that far because I fell asleep.

The Entrelac Hat

The Berocco Foliage is not going to be an entrelac hat. It may become some other kind of hat. I like the swatch more or less. Size 9 needles gave me a fabric I am happy with. But the yarn is too soft and splitty to work for a technique that requires as much picking up of stitches as entrelac requires. Plus it doesn't frog well, and beginners (and swatchers) sometimes need to frog a lot.

I don't think the Karaoke is going to work, either. It looks as if it may also be splitty and soft.

What, then? Maybe Manos. I like Manos.

New! Yarn Goes Weight Watchers!

I got my Rowan Book 40 in the mail and had a life-changing moment. Every design I would want to knit for myself, not to mention the ones I wouldn't want to bother with, only look good on thin people. True, there is a big wrap-around shawl.

But I have something like that on the needles. No, I want Lorelei.

It has horizontal stripes. It has beads and sequins. The largest size is for a 42" bust. My bust is 42" plus some. Plus a lot, in fact.

Normally this fact makes me depressed and drives me to eat chocolate. This week it made me call my Weight Watchers leader. She sees me so seldom that she wouldn't even know who it was if we didn't share three grandchildren. But when I made my proposal, she jumped at it. I am getting yarn for Lorelei and leaving it (yes, leaving it) at Weight Watchers. I only get it one ball at a time, and only if I've lost weight.

I will keep you posted on how this works out.

I'm a little worried about the sequins. I may leave them off. Green sequins may be a bit much for the grandmother age group. But I love the beads. The beads are definitely in.

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