Sonntag, August 20, 2006

Don't Panic

I am just hyperventilating. I'm not panicking. I refuse to have a panic attack.

About every ten minutes a grandchild or pet destroys something. Usually it is a grandchild destroying something that belongs to a pet (My Quick Draw McPaw was the most recent victim in that category) or a pet destroying something that belongs to a grandchild (Emerald's Vienna sausages were a recent entry in that category). But often it is a magazine or cardboard box. I freely admit I let Trusty have cardboard boxes because they are often disposable, or if not, at least more easily replaced than, say, my spinning wheel, Paul's shoes, or the sofa. However he makes an ungodly mess with them.

The only solution to this is putting everything behind closed doors: no more baskets of yarn sitting around (Emerald already convinced me of that one). No more spindles artistically arranged on bookshelves. The closet doors in the office must stay shut: sock yarns are in there.

Maybe I need some project management.

Things to do by . . .

The end of August
Buy a propane stove for my dyeing class
Finish puppyproofing my bedroom (read: put away all yarn projects)
Finish filing my CDs so I know what Renaissance music I already have
Buy another bookshelf for my office
Make pepper relish

The end of September
Spin the rest of the wool for the exchange I'm in
Plan the sampler for my lace class
Write the pattern for the sampler
Buy more stash so I can teach a spinning class out of stash
Finish re-organizing my office

The end of October
Knit outerwear for the exchange
Knit the sampler for the lace class
Organize the wool studio
Knit Christmas stockings for Nicole and Conrad

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