Donnerstag, August 24, 2006

Another diet sweater

I was excited to walk to school this morning past some gardens that get a lot more attention than mine.

Sockie was not brave enough to get out of the bag in music literature class. However, he went down to the library and said hi to Wolfie.

This was before Weight Watchers, so he hadn't grown any since his last photo. But I had lost .2 of a lb. And that was with my shoes on! So now, do you want to see the other diet sweater?

No, silly, not the polka dot one.

I was a little nervous about this sweater. It's very retro. In fact, I had a vest just like the body of this in the 80's. However the pattern includes a larger size than does Lorelei, and since it's a cardi I could wear it unbuttoned if it gets done before I do.

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